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During the data transition and evaluation process, some areas of the system will have limited availability. When the new system’s data has been confirmed, the AMS will go live.


Continuing education is an integral part of every professional's career. 出于这个原因, ATA-certified translators must fulfill the continuing education requirement to maintain their certification. See which activities qualify for continuing education, how many Continuing Education Points (CEPs) can be obtained, 推荐什么样的文档.


You are required to obtain 20 CEPs every three years. 可接受的活动包括:




You must complete the 道德模块 during your 第一个 三年报告期. 您可以免费完成 online course 为了满足这个要求.



You are responsible for keeping a record of your CEPs and reporting them on time. You must keep documentation verifying your CEPs for one year after your reporting period in case of an audit.



  • If you do not meet the continuing education requirements, 您的证书将被撤销.
  • If you let your certification lapse and did not submit CEPs for 超过 three years, you can only become ATA certified again by taking and passing the ATA 永利登录网址 Exam.

Your credentials will be removed from ATA’s online directories and you will be prohibited from using all CT designations until you complete the outstanding requirements.

If you lose your certification, ATA will inform you of the process required to reactivate it. Loss of certification does not affect your ATA membership status.

  • If you let your ATA membership lapse, 您的证书将被撤销.

如果您的会员资格失效 不到 三年前,你需要这么做 续订ATA会员资格 and fulfill the continuing education requirements.

如果您的会员资格失效 超过 三年前,你需要这么做 续订ATA会员资格 然后再考一次.


  • I am certified in 超过 one language combination. 我是否需要填写20份cep表格?
    No. Only 20 CEPs are required, regardless of the number of certifications.
  • Can I earn CEPs before I am notified that I passed the certification exam? 
    No. Your reporting period does not begin until you have received notice that you are certified.
  • Do I have to earn CEPs to keep my voting membership privileges? 
    No. If you do not meet the continuing education requirement, you will lose your certification but retain your voting member status.
  • 我如何知道何时需要申报我的cep? 
    A notice six months before you need to report your CEPs. ATA will also send you an email one month before you need to report.
  • Can I report CEPs and submit the required documentation as I gather them?
    No. You are required to keep a record of your CEPs and documentation until it is time to report your total CEPs.

Activities Qualifying for Continuing Education Points (CEPs)

There are a range of activities that qualify as continuing education, 包括参加会议, 写文章, 教学, 独立学习, 志愿服务, 客户端推广, 和更多的. Repeating an identical continuing education opportunity does not earn additional CEPs.

Request CEPs for your non-ATA educational event


Acceptable continuing education may include, but is not limited to, the following:


You must complete the ATA 道德模块 during your 第一个 三年报告期. 您可以免费完成 在线道德模块 为了满足这个要求.


  • 1 CEP
  • 每个报告期间最多1个CEP
  • 此活动只需要完成一次


  • 签署的核查声明


参加T的会议&I(包括T)&I-related specialty fields and business practices), offered or authorized by industry-recognized professionals, 组织, 公司, 机构, 以及高等学府. Sessions may be online but must be instructor-led and interactive.


  • 每小时1 CEP
  • Maximum of 5 CEPs per day (10 CEPs per multi-day event)
  • 每个报告期间没有上限


  • Certificate of attendance, receipt, or letter of completion for each event


T的独立学习&I(包括T)&I-related specialty fields and business practices) through audio, video, 在线课程(无讲师指导), 文章, 和出版物, offered or authorized by industry-recognized professionals, 组织, 公司, 机构, 以及高等学府.


  • 每小时1 CEP
  • 每个报告期间最多5个cep



Authoring or editing published books or 文章 on T&I.


  • 6 CEPs per published book; 2 CEPs per published article
  • 每个报告期间最多8个cep


  • Title, publisher, and date of book or article


教授或发展T&课程、研讨会或工作坊. Credit may be earned for new presentations only. Repeating the same presentation does not earn additional points.


  • 每小时2个cep
  • 每个报告期间没有上限


  • Title, length, and date of presentation, and name of sponsoring organization


志愿服务在T&I-related work or school outreach presentations.


  • 每两小时1 CEP&I-related work; 每小时1 CEP of school outreach
  • 每个报告期间最多10个cep


  • Description of activity, hours given, and name of sponsoring organization


This category of activities no longer qualifies for CEPs. If you have a question about this change, contact the 永利登录网址项目经理.


Membership in professional associations other than ATA.


  • 每位会员1个CEP
  • 每个报告期间最多3个cep


  • 会员证明


You are responsible for keeping a record of your CEPs and reporting them on time. 如果您有任何疑问,请与 永利登录网址项目经理.